Natural Product Service

We are your preferred one-stop service partner for all your needs associated with Natural Product research, development, production or supply. We have established longstanding professional experience in the Natural Product chemistry and biology field and operate a world leading Natural Product technology platform, covering the whole array of relevant areas: Biology, Chemistry, Analytics, Kg-scale fermentation/extraction and production, Ton-scale fermentation/extraction and production, Lead generation

Individual Solutions

Being your well-experienced Natural Product experts, we offer a large variety of services to deliver to your needs in every Natural Products-related question, and are eager to present to you how we can flexibly address your demand with a commercially beneficial turn-key solution.

Please find below a number of examples for our service capabilities which might already adress your needs. If your needs are not covered, please contact us.

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Natural Product Screening

Based on our comprehensive and unique screening libraries, we offer a complementary chemical space of natural products for the discovery on unique innovative product candidates. We run antimicrobial and antioxidant testing in house and are capable to conduct functional testing internally or with partners for food and cosmetics applications.

Lead and Drug Discovery

In addition, we operate strategic partnership with AXXAM SpA, a world-leading service provider in drug discovery, in the areas pharma, animal health and crop protection, where our Natural Product screening library and associated Natural Product services are offered for lead and drug discovery as part of the fully integrated services from AXXAM SpA.
All services are delivered by the respective experts and through behind-the-scene-integration into a AXXAM SpA service package and hence the pharma, animal health, or crop science client may enjoy seamlessly integrated Natural Product screening libraries and services into its overarching drug discovery program with AXXAM SpA.

Fermentation Services

We boast a longstanding experience in the field of production from microbial sources and offer fermentation and fermentation condition optimization for Natural Product generation from microbial sources.

The following services may be performed:

Process Development Services

We are also your preferred partner for development and/or optimization of production processes for desired compounds. Regardless of the source origin (plant or microbial), the desired end product (extract, enriched or special extract, pure compound) and the anticipated use (food, cosmetics, pharma) we are capable and experienced to provide a commercially beneficial, suitable solution in any scale (mg to ton).
We can also develop and deliver synthetic or semi-synthetic solutions.

Analytical Services

If you need a chemical-analytical characterization of your sample, source, extract or compound, we are your partner of choice.

Analytical services include:

Structure elucidation (NMR analysis)

  • 1D/2D NMR analysis in combination with INS proprietary NMR/MS dereplication software to identify literature-known compounds
  • Full de novo structure elucidation
  • Relative stereochemistry from 1D/2D NMR data
  • Absolute stereochemistry (i.e. identity) for known compounds by measuring optical rotation values.

Sugar / monosaccharide analysis (GC/MS analysis)

  • Free and total monosaccharide composition and content (quantitative)
  • “Unusual” monosaccharides like 6-deoxysugars (fucose, rhamnose, 6-deoxytalose) included.
  • Disaccharides/trisaccharides detected in analysis of free sugar content.
  • Sugar analysis of glycosides in combination with MS/MS experiments

Database assisted dereplication and HPLC-MS/UV/ELSD analysis)

  • Medium-polar component identification
  • Amino acid analysis
  • HPLC-MS quantification,
  • Method development
  • Solubility, Stability, ADME

Fatty acid analysis (GC/MS analysis)

  • Free and total fatty acid composition and content (quantitative).
  • Unusual fatty acids (e.g. hydroxylated fatty acids, etc)
  • Various sample preparation methods available (e.g. via Soxhlet extraction)

Volatiles (GC/MS analysis)

  • “Standard” GC-MS analysis, combined with database search in NIST EI-MS library to identify the components.
  • Handling of complex matrices by headspace GC-MS.
Residual solvent content (GC/MS analysis)

Natural Product Supply / Production Services

We are pleased to supply your desired compound from our world-largest collection of pure Natural Products (ca. 15.000 natural products, small amounts on stock, larger amounts custom-made) or produce it for you in any scale required.