Screening Libraries – The Source of Success

To have a large Natural Product collection is fine and key. However, it is equally important to transfer the collection into a screenable format. Therefore we have processed our entire collection as a “ready-to-screen” large screening file of Natural Product sources and compounds for rapid lead and product discovery. To cater to the specific needs of the food industry we have additionally created our edible screening file, focusing on culinary fruit, spices, vegetables, herbal teas, and edible mushrooms and carefully selected on a global scale for edible track record and history.


100.000 Natural Product Samples – Operation-ready plated

The screening files comprise a total of 100.000 Natural Product samples in an operation-ready miniaturized and microtiter plated format. The samples include ca. 13.000 pure Natural Product samples (NatPure) and ca. 87.000 extract Natural Product samples following the source origin breakdown as depicted beside.

The extract Natural Product samples include the Advanced Extract and the Pre-Fractionated Extract formats originally developed at Bayer HealthCare for maximum compatibility with modern HTS-based cellular and biochemical assay formats allowing for the utmost avoidance of false positive signals due to highly polar and/or lipophilic compounds and for rapid hit deconvolution and dereplication.

Prefractionated Extract: Enrichment and Fast Deconvolution

Our screening files are accessible for lead discovery in the field of pharma, animal health, and crop protection only through our exclusive service partner Charles River as part of the Charles Rivers´ fully integrated discovery services. Thereby a seamless integration of our Natural Product expertise and experience into an overarching drug discovery program is warranted without any need for the client to be bothered with any type of backstage engineering.