INS Glycolipid, our natural solution

INS Glycolipid, our patent protected natural mashroom extract is up to 80 times higher effective than traditional preservatives, while being odor-, aroma- and color-free. At the same time INS Glycolipid is water and fat soluble, which is a unique set of features for preservation applications.
Even microbes that adapted to traditional preservation systems, can be treated by INS Glycolipid efficiently at low dosage rates.



Biological testing in house and with external partners proved high efficacy of the technology. By use of the mushroom extract testing demonstrated the following:
• Preservation against yeasts, fungi and gram-positive bacteria
• Required dosage levels up to 80 times lower than sorbates and benzoates
• No growth of dedicated yeasts and fungi strains that have adapted to sorbates and benzoates
• A remanent effect: inhibition of spores hinders re-contamination

INS Glycolipid, that disintegrates the microbial membrane, can easily be added to the regular beverage, food and cosmetics formulations. INS Glycolipid is registered for personal care applications as Glyconex and safe to be used in Cosmetics and personal care products. Approval for Food applications will follow in 2018.
For further information please contract our Mr. Frederic Issenhuth, Managing Director Marketing & Sales.