Natural Products Informatics Platform –
Our Navigator to Success

IMD Natural Solutions operates a unique Natural Products informatics platform combining public and proprietary databases to a sophisticated Natural Product profile delivery system: At the same moment in time and just a “mouse click away” biological activity profiles and chemical information can be retrieved delivering a combined profile for an individual compound or product candidate.

Comprehensive Bioactivity and Chemistry Information


Dereplication Databases

The basis for our profiles is chemical structural information. We operate one of the world’s largest and most powerful dereplication databases, allowing for rapid (re-) identification of already known compounds. Combined with full sub-structure searchable public and proprietary structure-activity databases, toxicology prediction databases and our proprietary therapeutic area focused NP Silico databases we can rapidly guide discovery programs towards innovation and novelty without losing valuable input to such programs from previous findings and without spending unnecessary resources to the “re-invention of the wheel”.

Rapid discovery and fast bioactivity profiling

Finally our unparalleled Bioprofiling database allows the rapid discovery and/or the fast bioactivity profiling of new and existing product solutions through the combination of bioactive compounds, natural sources and potential application areas. This element of our Natural Product informatics platform is unique in the industry and boasts with more than 12 million data entries on biological activity of Natural Products.