Natural Product Collections

Success in discovery of innovative chemical solutions from Natural Products depends heavily on the underlying Natural Product collections, i.e. the “libraries”. While many just randomly select natural sources, IMD Natural Solutions‘ compounds and sources match nature´s chemical diversity. Our leading collection of fungal and bacterial genetic sources, comprising ca. 40.000 microbial strains and ca. 6.000 plant and other biological raw materials (up to the multi-kg scale) we, selected by chemotaxonomy in order to minimize diversity.

We hold more than 
40.000 Microbial Strains

and more than 
6.000 biomaterials

Focus on Edibility

Moreover, we established out of the source collection the world largest commercially accessible library of pure Natural Product compounds (ca. 15.000 compounds) and created a special “Focus on Edibility” sub-library for rapid (consumer good) product generation.

Focus on Edibility: Fruits, Spices, Vegetables, Herbal Teas, Edible Mushrooms