Analytical Services

If you need a chemical-analytical characterization of your sample, source, extract or compound, we are your partner of choice.

Analytical services include:

Structure elucidation (NMR analysis)

  • 1D/2D NMR analysis in combination with INS proprietary NMR/MS dereplication software to identify literature-known compounds
  • Full de novo structure elucidation
  • Relative stereochemistry from 1D/2D NMR data
  • Absolute stereochemistry (i.e. identity) for known compounds by measuring optical rotation values.

Sugar / monosaccharide analysis (GC/MS analysis)

  • Free and total monosaccharide composition and content (quantitative)
  • “Unusual” monosaccharides like 6-deoxysugars (fucose, rhamnose, 6-deoxytalose) included.
  • Disaccharides/trisaccharides detected in analysis of free sugar content.
  • Sugar analysis of glycosides in combination with MS/MS experiments

Database assisted dereplication and HPLC-MS/UV/ELSD analysis)

  • Medium-polar component identification
  • Amino acid analysis
  • HPLC-MS quantification,
  • Method development
  • Solubility, Stability, ADME

Fatty acid analysis (GC/MS analysis)

  • Free and total fatty acid composition and content (quantitative).
  • Unusual fatty acids (e.g. hydroxylated fatty acids, etc)
  • Various sample preparation methods available (e.g. via Soxhlet extraction)

Volatiles (GC/MS analysis)

  • “Standard” GC-MS analysis, combined with database search in NIST EI-MS library to identify the components.
  • Handling of complex matrices by headspace GC-MS.
Residual solvent content (GC/MS analysis)